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18 Teams for 6th World of Bread

As promised, on April 1st, we reveal the 18 teams…
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Annual Congress – October 17th – 10h/12h30


In 2005, the opportunity arose to create an international competition of Bakery based on the pluridisciplinality of the assisted candidates of a clerk. Several bakers recognized and of the members of jury gathered around the same will: that to transmit and promote the trade.

Forts of this philosophy, the association of the Ambassadors of the Bread was born and the 1st World one of the Bread took place with the SIRHA 2007. The name of this association corresponds well to the actions which they want to conduct and especially to the values that they think of defending.

An event with our image

ambassadeur-dominiqueplanchotThe World one of the Bread illustrates the capacity of our profession to adapt to the current requirements of consumption and to answer waitings of the consumer. Ancestral and universal food, the bread displays all its modernity and its adequacy with the needs for a balanced food. The baker of today must integrate the nutritional and astronomical values bread.

The professionals of all planet open with these requirements. The World one of the bread is the expression. It is most beautiful of the windows of a current bakery defended by best of our profession come from the 4 corners of the world. They are the carriers of the future of our trade, they are the example.

I thank all the partners for our profession who share and support this approach of quality and which join the event reference which is World Bread.

Dominique PLANCHOT

Founder president – President of the Ambassadors of the Bread

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