BEST OF Mondial du Pain is a contest that which brings together the 6 best teams from the last World Bread Championship.

BEST OF Mondial du Pain – 2016

The 1st BEST OF World Bread took place in Kaohsiung (Taiwan). It was organized by the Taiwan Division of Bread Ambassadors.


Best Clerck Award : Aurélien Prêtre (Suisse)
3rd Place : ITALY
2nd Place : FRANCE
1st Place : BELGIUM

BEST OF Mondial du Pain – 2018

The 2nd BEST OF World Bread was organized by the Chinese Delegation of Bread Ambassadors, at the Shanghai trade fair in November 2018.


Nutrition Bread Award : FRANCE
Best Clerck Award : Jean Paul Orihuela (Peru)
Artistic Piece Award : PERU
Audience Award : CHINA
3rd Place : PERU
2nd Place : BELGIUM
1st Place : CHINA

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