Amandio PIMENTA is not a baker like the others. It is not so much his title of best worker of France that characterizes him, as his talents as researcher.
His obsession is to restore the bread to its place of choice in his diet, demonstrating, day after day, its incomparable nutritional qualities. Convinced that health starts on the plate, this artisan never stops balancing his recipes to obtain a product rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Thanks to the freshness of its ingredients, it gets much richer breads in certain micro nutrients.
At a time when the alicaments are taking up more and more space in our closets, it is good to review our classics: good bread made with quality flour, and a certain know-how: “It is a pleasure that wins to be daily”.


Degrees, Titles and Honours/strong

  • CAP BP BM Boulanger.
  • CAP de pâtissier.
  • Best worker in France 1994.
  • Master baker baker.
  • Winner of the first Bakery World Cup 1992.
  • Start-up Award.
  • François POZZOLI (MOF)

    François POZZOLI has long hesitated between the kitchen and the bakery. He finally chose the bakery and decided to settle down. In 1992, François POZZOLI opened a 3rd bakery in the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon, with old equipment and wood-fired cooking.
    He does a lot of organic, old fashioned pieces and works almost exclusively in French tradition, everything is hand-made.


    Diplomas, titles and distinctions/strong

    1979: CAP Boulanger and Pâtissier.

    1995/97/99: Second at the Coupe de France de Boulangerie.

    2004: Best Worker in France.

    Patrick FERRAND (MOF)

    After an apprenticeship in bakery and about ten years as a baker worker, he became a trial baker in a mill for 5 years before moving on to training. Until 1999, at the Institut Nationale de la Boulangerie Pâtisserie in Rouen for the organization of training courses for professionals, Patrick FERRAND now provides his know-how and transmits his skills to the CFA Rabelais in Dardilly (69).

    Diplomas, titles and distinctions

    1982: C.A.P. Boulanger

    1985/1986: B.P. and B.M. en Boulangerie

    1986 : C.A.P. Pastry Chef

    1993: 1st prize at the Gastronomic Days of Sologne in Romorantin category Bread of French Tradition and Viennoiseries

    1994: One of the best workers in France



    Bruno CORMERAIS is a member of the Team de France en Boulangerie, host of the show La Meilleur de Boulangerie de France.

    Diplomas, titles and distinctions

    1986: CAP Boulanger

    1987: CAP Pâtissier

    1992: BM in Bakery

    2004: Best Worker in France Gold Medal at the Arpajan Fair Silver Medal to Romorantin and Baguette de Paris Bronze medal in Bourges

    Pierre NURY (MOF)

    Pierre NURY has been a craftsman in Loubeyrat since 1984. You can discover its specialties such as bread Combraille, Bougnat, Méteil, and Chazeron.

    Diplomas, titles and distinctions

    1980: CAP Boulanger World record for longest brioche (63m at Guiness)

    1993 : 1st prize at the European Cup by Rabelais d’Or de la Gastronomie team

    1994 : Special Bread Prize at the World Cup of the Bakery

    1997: Best Worker in France

    Roland HERZOG

    In 1983, Roland HERZOG, master craftsman, took over the family business. To date, two shops offer bakery, catering, pastry, chocolate and ice cream. Maison HERTZOG celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2018.

    Diplomas, titles and distinctions

    Baker, pastry maker, confectioner, ice cream maker, chocolate maker, this Maître Boulanger is also President of the Bakers of the Charter, Ex-President of the UBAC, creator and designer of the 1st book of this organization. He is one of the founders of the Mondial du Pain and the Association des Ambassadeurs du Pain. He is an amateur photographer and an avid epicurean.

    Dominique PLANCHOT (MOF)

    Dominique Planchot

    Dominique PLANCHOT est à la tête d’une société regroupant 12 magasins Maison Planchot (Boulanger Pâtissier Chocolatier Traiteur). Il propose de découvrir ses spécialités médaillées à plusieurs reprises : la brioche Vendéenne, le préfou, et le chocolat. Une large gamme de pains de tradition française est pétrie et cuite dans un four chauffée au bois.

    Diplômes, titres et distinctions
    1978 : CAP Pâtissier
    1979 : CAP Boulanger
    Brevet Consulaire de gestion commerciale

    1993 : 1er prix à la Coupe d’Europe de la Boulangerie
    1994 : 2ème prix à la Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie
    1994 : Meilleur Ouvrier de France

    Henri POCH (MOF)

    Henri POCH runs a bakery school in Ille sur têt. He works in an artisanal way with local flours.

    Diplomas, titles and distinctions 1983: Obtained the CAP Boulanger, apprenticeship in the family bakery in Perpignan (66) 2000 : Title of Best Worker of France 2008 : Creation of the Le Couvent Bakery with the implementation of the Bakery Training section Member of the Charter of the Bakers, Member of the association of the Equipe de France de Boulangerie and President of the association of the Bread Masters of the Pyrénées-Orientales (66).

    Thierry MEUNIER (MOF)

    Thierry MEUNIER is a duty companion. He is based in Boulogne Billancourt.

    Diplomas, titles and distinctions

    1992: Bakery World Cup team winner

    1997: Title of Best Worker of France

    2000: 1st prize of the Best Cake of Paris

    2018: National Order of Merit


    Éric CHEVALLEREAU is based in Les Deux Sèvres. In 2014, he decided to put his talent at the service of his own company to share his passion and love of the profession with the greatest number.

    Diplomas, titles and distinctions

    2007: Title of Best Worker of France

    2018: Prix de la Meilleur Galette frangipane des Deux Sèvres