Association’s Aim

Association brochure

The purpose of this association is to defend and promote the bread of craft tradition and promote its nutritional and gastronomic values in France and abroad.

The ten founding members have the same objectives, namely:

  • To convey and promote in the context of a permanent evolution of the profession
  • Search for any innovation in terms of product and this respect for tradition and quality.
  • To ensure communication and pedagogy on the nutritional aspects of bread-health.
  • To ensure the development of skills, maintaining the ‘know-how’ and motivations with youth, through the examples of courses, and professional accomplishments.
  • To participate in all the events for the application of the foregoing, including exhibitions, shows, fairs, national and international competition.
  • To demonstrate respect for the traditions can be combined consistently to modern materials, technology, and the 21st century societal obligations


The association was created to promote and convey our being a Baker, with emphasis on the nutritional value of bread, with as 1st challenge, the creation of our international competition.

The world of bread – taste and Nutrition

The entire team of the founding members, supported by our partners, pointed out different skills, and faced all the hazards and obstacles.

The founding members have demonstrated an unwavering determination, and created the sound basis of an association professional and friendly, which unique aims defending our product «The Pain», and in the future be strength of proposal to the different actors of the profession, is free of any political approach.

In 2007, we opened our association to new members

-bakers and other food professionals

-actors of the bread sector

Today, we are about 150 members worldwide.

We aim to create a true international network, relying on our contest “World bread”.


Communicate to the Association and to be recognized as a professional actor for the promotion and transmission of the trade.

The 1st World of bread was an opportunity to highlight, the values that we defend and spirit in which we want to do.

The SIRHA has been a real showcase, where new trends in gastronomy are put forward, and our contest with theme ‘Taste and Nutrition’, held any promise and definitely addressed the profession.

The cup of France was also an opportunity to highlight bread ambassadors, who intended in this contest to validate the subject and organize the juries.

Since then, we had 3 times the contest at the international fair of Saint-Etienne. The next editions will take place at the SERBOTEL of Nantes.

We have developed the network of ambassadors of bread on the 5 continents.

We develop the activities of the association:

-Days technical

-Writing of cookbooks

-Demonstrations on the stands of the partners

-BEST OF world of bread

-Organization of the MAF Baker

-Contest world of bread

-The bakery on young talent