Press Release - November 2016

9 Dec 2016

The ambassadors of the bread to taste and nutrition

Following the Annual ambassadors Congress “The leaven in all its States” which took place in Allschwil (Switzerland, AGRANO) in November 2014 and Day Technique “breads, sourdough, organic and Nutrition” which took place in Saint-Chamond (Loire, CAMPUS OF TRADES OF BREAD) in March 2016, The ambassadors of bread (bakers and scientists together) continue their work of research and experimentation to find the fundamentals of kneading and so taste and nutritional manufacturing qualities bakers.

Lately, a few of them found themselves for full-scale trials…


2 years, the ambassadors of bread to test the qualitative evolution of bread, by the reduction in the kneading and the low seedings (yeast or leaven). They assess the implications and applications of these changes in nutrition.

It is in this context that on November 13 and 14, a few ambassadors of bread were gathered at the CFA of Saint-Michel – Mont – Mercure. Rigorous comparative tests were conducted on several products of the French bakery types developed through pure flours of wheat varieties in comparison with meals supplemented.

Bread of the ambassadors of the bread: Flour integral, sourdough


Bread of the ambassadors of the bread: Flour pure T80 wheat, sourdough



Baguette of the ambassadors of the bread: Pure flour wheat, sourdough


Baguette of the ambassadors of the bread: Flour pure wheat Unleavened


After a long fermentation at room temperature and a few minutes (in bright oven), first results have surprised more than one Professional. Taste, texture, color and volume… everything is there! Thanks to a significant reduction in the time of kneading, a drastic reduction in sowing and a sufficiently high fermentation temperature, natural enzymatic work of pure flour fully expressed before that microbial activities take over late score. Tests with flour T80, of integral flour, strength Camp Rémy, wheat flour (Pyreneo Allier), Sy harvest, Appache, without yeast, only after a reduced to the single frasage and with very low doses of sourdough mixture bring interesting prospects in terms of nutrition. Products completely enter a marketing process and meet the requirements of consumers. Of course professional gestures and experience complement the manufacturing of these breads. They allow to evaluate the ideal time to cast off, shape, bake…


A first explanation of the techniques will be presented on Monday, January 23, 2017 at a conference of ambassadors of the bread to the SIRHA, then exposed in detail during the fourth day Technique of ambassadors of bread, in the Paris region on Monday, March 13, 2017. More information on

Photo credits: Marc Le Dorse.

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